Gobi Desert Tour 6night/7dias-385$

Gobi Desert tour  6 night 7 days     / PER PERSON-420$/

6 Person group- per person 385$

5 Person group-per person  504$

4 Person group-per person  630$

Included : Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner, 1.5 liters of water, Horse riding , Camel riding

Accommodation: Country side’s Nomadic Family’s Ger and Camp

Unincluded : Accommodation in Ulaanbaatar (Guest choice) Everything besides included things.

This tour is available only if the groups are gathere

1 Day-baga gazar

2 DAY –Tsagaan  suvraga

3 Day-Yoliin am

4 Day-Khongor sand dunes

5 Day-Bayan zag

6 day-Erdenedalai sum

7 Day- Ulaan baatar


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